A complete Diagnostic and Clinical Medical Physics services provider.


Medical Physics Consulting offers a full line of services that can meet the needs of nearly any type of healthcare related facility with radiation producing equipment or sources.  Whether you are a small office with a simple diagnostic x-ray unit that needs quality assurance to a large multi-hospital organization needing full Medical Physics and/or Dosimetry coverage, MPC can and has done it all.  Our staff of highly trained individuals have a breadth and depth of knowledge from years of experience in a variety of fields that allows us to bring you the best expert(s) to meet your needs.

Below is just a small list of what we can do, to find out more, please contact us and we can discuss how MPC can assist with your needs.

Clinical Physics and Dosimetry

  • Linear Accelerator acceptance and commissioning
  • On-going and vacation coverage clinical medical physics
  • HDR expertise
  • RTP Commissioning
  • On-going and vacation coverage for on-site dosimetry
  • Complete remote treatment planning solutions

Diagnostic radiology

  • CT Scanner quality assurance
  • Diagnostic x-ray quality assurance

Project and implementation support

  • Consultation on choice of equipment and software vendors for clinical solutions
  • Assist in implementation of new installations or major upgrades
  • Assist with establishment of protocols and documentation necessary to establish new facilities and/or obtain additional facility certifications 

Design and Shielding

  • Initial vault design and shielding calculations
  • Existing facility surveys
  • Shielding retrofit design and calculations